How To Appeal A YouTube Flag Or Strike


don't get youtube slapAs someone who has had my YouTube channel ‘slapped’ or should I say, terminated, in the past, this can be a bit of a touchy subject for me to discuss. I must admit, after starting a new channel, I was a bit hesitant to upload any of my videos to YouTube because it seems that if someone doesn’t like your content, even if it doesn’t break any of the YouTube community or copy-write guidelines, your account can still be flagged as inappropriate and possibly even terminated.

So, let me get this straight: I can see a video of a half-naked woman pole dancing and that be perfectly ‘appropriate’  but, creating a video where it is teaching someone how to do something constructive can be marked as ‘inappropriate’. The answer, in short, is YES!

So, the question you have to ask yourself is, what is the purpose of your video marketing efforts? If it is for the purpose of social networking, then you are at the mercy of the free video sites, such as YouTube and Vimeo (to name a few). If you are creating videos to provide content for your website, then it is best to pay a nominal fee to self-host your videos so you remain in control of your video content distribution.

Now, if you insist on using YouTube or any of the free video sharing social networks to market your video content, then you must realize that you are putting your content at risk of being flagged and in some cases, your account completely terminated. Depending on how many videos you had, that ‘slap’ can really hurt!

How To Appeal A YouTube Flag Or Strike

So, how do you make an appeal to a YouTube flag that is put on your account? Well, the appeal process varies, depending on the type of YouTube flag or strike that was made to your YouTube account. Watch this video to get more insight.

Appealing Community Guidelines Strikes

If your video was removed for a Community Guidelines violation and you disagree with the decision, you can appeal the strike within your own account. After you acknowledge your Community Guidelines warning strike, you can sign into Account Settings and appeal your video strike directly from within your account (from the “Account Status” section)… Please note: you may appeal each video strike only once. If we uphold our original decision on the strike, you will be unable to appeal future strikes on your account for a period of 60 days. Read more here…

Appealing Copyright Strikes

If your video was removed for copyright reasons and you are certain that you have the full rights to post this content (including audiovisual, sound recording and composition rights), you may be able to file a counter-notification. Please click here to learn more about filing a counter-notification for your video’s removal. Read more here…

How To Appeal A YouTube Flag Or Strike

don't get youtube slap

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