LAPD Cops Shoot Homeless Man on 3/1/2015

This is an unfortunate situation that these cops had to shoot this unarmed man, but was he really unarmed when they shot him?

I see a lot of people on the internet saying all kinds of things about this video without knowing all of the details. They’re mostly saying that another black man is shot and killed by the police. My question is, “What do you expect is going to happen if you are stupid enough to fight a cop? That’s some dumb shit in my book. Check out the video below and look and see who is the aggressor here..

First off, the guy talking crap with the camera is ignorant. He keeps saying that the black cop killed him, but the black cop didn’t even have his gun in his hand. He was on the ground wrestling the homeless guy and was shouting, “Get Off My Gun! Get Off My Gun! Give Me The Gun! Give Me The Gun!”, then he got off the homeless guy and the other cops shot him..

Second, prior to the cops coming, he was selling drugs and he had beat up another homeless person in a tent next to him 20 minutes earlier, that’s what prompted the police to come in the first place.

People need to be accountable for their own actions. Why you fight and talk shit to someone who carries a gun and has a license to kill? Most of the videos of people getting shot, they were doing dumb shit. Maybe the cops went overboard with the shootings, but it doesn’t help the situation by doing dumb shit.

I’ve been stopped by the cops a few times in the past, mostly white cops and a few black cops, and all encounters have been non-violent, but I got more “attitude” from the black cops than I did the whites cops, and I’m a black man. The main thing that I didn’t do when stopped by the cops, was talk shit and be an ass hole. I was very polite and they were polite with me. I have common sense and common sense can get you a long way in life, all you have to do is use it…

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