New Technology Opens The Way For Creating Babies Using DNA From 3 People

New technology opens the way for creating babies using DNA from 3 people.  It’s designed to eliminate diseases, but is the creation of a “super baby” safe or ethical? The technique has been approved in Britain. Could it come here next?

It’s the latest genetic bombshell, preventing inherited diseases with the ability to create an embryo using the DNA, or genetic material from three people. Britain is the first country to approve the technology.  “I think it’s controversial both medically and socially, ethically and perhaps legally,” says Dr. Caleb Kallen, a fertility specialist at Thomas Jefferson University. He says the technique hasn’t been tested in humans. It’s designed to prevent mitochondrial diseases, which are devastating.   Kathryn Kitto a mother who has a daughter with Mitochondrial disease says, “To allow this procedure to take place will definitely give our two girls an important option.”

Go to: to get the rest of the story and see the video.

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